Birthday Frosting Acrylic Earring Blank (Holes Pre Cut)



These unique double-sided acrylic earring blanks are sure to add some pop to your outfit! Sure to be a great seller at every event for those of you doing festivals and markets!

Fifteen shapes are available

Approximate Measurements:

1-Circle : .50" H x .50" W (available with one or two holes)

2-Small Teardrop 1" H x .69" W

3-Small Square 1" H x 1" W

4-Small Diamond 1" H x .70" W

5-Small Trapezoid 1" H x .64" WW

6-Small Scallop 1.13" H x 1.25" W

7-Small Heart 1" H x 1" W

8-Teardrop 1.80" H x 1.35" W

9-Square 1.75" H x 1.75" W

10-Rectangle 2.0" H x .50" W

11-Trapezoid 1.75" H x 1.20" W

12-Diamond 1.80" H x 1.27" W

13-Feather 2.0" H x .95" W

14-Arch 2.34" H x 1.60" W

15-Heart1.50" H x 1.50" W

Please Note: NO HARDWARE INCLUDED - Complete the look with your own choice of findings.

The back side will have a matte version of the pattern. The pattern is visible from both sides and seen through the clear acrylic.

1/8" Thick Mint Acrylic